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Why Advertise on Mc Dowall Broadcasting Corporation

MBC TV/Real FM is the fastest growing multi-media company in St. Lucia. The station emerged from a medium disseminating health information to one premiering the latest in news, current affairs, music and other forms of popular entertainment.

With advertisers desirous of maximizing every dollar spent, and rightfully so it is only fair we give you some of the reasons why our platform provides greater exposure than the rest:

  1. MBC/Real FM has averaged a top 5 spot in both television & radio in the Annual Media Survey (Ref: Systematic Media Survey)

  2. The company has the largest social media following of all media houses in St. Lucia with a combined 54,000 followers.

  3. MBC’s Evening News features the most viewed stories on social media with four of them generating over 100K views in 2017 alone; the highest tallying 231,095 to date (Ref: A Family In Morning  on Sept 1, 2017)

  4. Daily simulcasts provide you the opportunity to reach both our viewing and listening audience for the price of one.

  5. The station prides itself on strong local content, providing a platform for creatives in various fields to showcase their talents. (Ref: Winner of the Most Patriotic Radio Station)

  6. One of its flagship programmes “Zafe Nous” is the most viewed morning television program on island with audience ranging across multiple socio-economic segments.

  7. The company’s weekly programme “Can I Help You” on Thursday evenings is undisputedly the most anticipated television and/or radio feature in recent memory.

  8. MBC Evening News, now dubbed “MBC Prime” is now hosted by Kirby Allain, revered broadcaster with experience in connecting with his audience.

  9. Who better to connect with listeners during the Rush Hour than DJ Thuram….the popular DJ who’s been banging the hits for the past 17 years?

  10. Money Talks! MBC offers the most competitive rates among the major players…show us better and we’ll match it!

To advertise, call (758) 453-7458 and ask about our rates & specials.