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August 13, 2018

(Reuters Health) - For decades, doctors have told ...

August 13, 2018

Many U.S. doctors don't discuss the harms of ...

August 13, 2018

(Reuters Health) - State laws designed to increase ...

August 13, 2018

(Reuters Health) - When it comes to childhood obes ...

August 13, 2018

Amicus Therapeutics on Monday set an average price ...

August 13, 2018

Anglo-American biotech company Orchard Therapeutic ...

August 13, 2018

A Californian court finding that a Monsanto weedki ...

August 11, 2018

A California jury on Friday found Monsanto liable ...

August 11, 2018

Four new cases of Ebola virus have been confirmed ...

August 11, 2018

A unit of India’s Hetero Drugs is recalling some b ...

August 10, 2018

U.S. health regulators on Friday approved Amicus T ...

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